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For Sale

I have Captive Bred seahorses for sale as pets for the aquarium.  Small Tiger Tail Seahorses H. comes are $60ea (3″-4″)and large H. comes are $100ea (4.5″-6″). Lined Seahorses H. erectus juveniles (3-4.5″) are available for $50 each, or for 4 or more, $40. All are large enough to sex. Shipping not included but runs anywhere from $40-$60 for USPS. USPS does not do overnight in all locations. If you are outside of their overnight location, Fedex shipping is required, which is usually double that price. Email me for questions or if interested.

captive bred tigertail seahorses

Captive Bred Tigertail Seahorses

I do not recommend mixing tank raised and captive bred seahorses as tank-raised can have pathogens and parasites that captive bred seahorses have not been exposed to. If you have seahorses from other sources, and you don’t know the breeder, chances are they are tank raised and should not be mixed with captive bred individuals.

If you are considering a pet seahorse and are just starting your research, I recommend reading 10 things you’ll need to know before keeping seahorses. It’s a basic overview of what you’ll be getting into. This species may not be the best for beginners; they tend to be very shy and reserved.

I also have misc seahorse and fish rearing/keeping supplies available:

Live foods

copepods (Euterpina acutifrons and Apocyclops panamensis)
phytoplankton (tetraselmis and isochrysis)
rotifers (L-strain)


catheters for tube feeding
Enrichments for seahorses and fish larvae (Algamac-3050, Astaxanthin, Spirulina, Squid Meal)

If you are close by, free pickup available. I am in New Berlin, Wisconsin; just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Surrounding areas include Waukesha, Madison, Pewaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Sheboygan, Port Washington.

Illinois residents can get priority shipping delivered overnight for a significantly reduced cost. This includes Chicago, Rockford, and the suburbs of Chicago.